Copperleaf Builders is a business built on strong personal integrity, ethics and a focus on quality – both in craftsmanship and in communication with every person involved in the development of a CLB Home.

CopperLeaf Builders is the high-quality, boutique builder to choose when you decide to build or buy your new home in central North Carolina. At CLB, we pride ourselves on high quality work with great customer service. This combination has kept us thriving for 9 years without a cent spent on advertising.

CLB builds a limited number of new homes in desirable neighborhoods each year. Our team respects the earth and natural surroundings when constructing a new home and strives to integrate your land with your home in a cohesive way.

While building is often stressful and cluttering to your daily life, we have a very structured, organized and high-touch process to building that helps keep you informed, the project on schedule and surprises to a minimum.

CLB listens to the needs of each customers and builds with the customer in mind.